Sunday, 15 May 2011

Force to open InfoPath forms in the browser

If you were working with browser-based InfoPath forms in SharePoint 2007/2010, you might run into a really annoying issue. In some situations the forms are opening in the client application, this usually happens when:
  1. You have InfoPath application installed on your computer.
  2. You're opening the form from within the task (e.g. task in Approval workflow) - see next picture

To overcome this problem, I created a simple SharePoint solution which forces SharePoint to open the form inside browser. It uses JQuery framework and it's packaged into the standard SharePoint solution. All you need to do is to install the solution and activate Open InfoPath forms in browser feature under Site Collection Features.

You can download the solution here.

Hope this helps,


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  1. Hi David - is this .WSP package works for SharePoint 2007?